Private Services List and Fees

Please review our list of Non NHS work that we offer at the practice, which attract a fee. This includes certificates, forms, medical examinations and various travel vaccinations. We currently on offer the following Free travel vaccines: Polio (given as a combined Diphtheria/Tetanus/Polio jab), Typhoid, Hepatitis A & Cholera

Certificates Price
Private medical certificate – (within first 7 days of illness)

Fitness to travel/Fly certificate

Fitness Certificate for Exercise purposes or other activities




Insurance & Others
Life insurance report

Supplementary Insurance Reports

Compensation report (CICA)

Private Health Questionnaire

Holiday Cancellation/Accident/Sickness Insurance Forms








Simple letter (statement of fact, To whom it may concern or fitness)

Housing letters (request made via ‘Housing Letter request form’ ONLY)

Detailed letters Requested by Third Parties





TFL & Private Hire Questionnaire

TFL additional Information form